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Chris Lowe is a well known drummer from Newcastle, Australia...

He is an excellent chef, a fine drummer and a very friendly individual.

Chris Lowe has played in many bands in Newcastle and throughout the Hunter Valley. During the eighties Chris played with bands including:
The Headless Aqestrians with Fran Bailey, Glen Parker and Andrew McDonald. Chris was the drummer for The Legless Pedestrians (previously known as Free Grog) with Fran Bailey, Michael Donaghue, Anthony Rochester, Mandy Latter, Andrew MacDonald and Simon Kerr. And the Smart Artists with Peter De Jong and Jim Porteus.

Throughout the nineties Chris Lowe was a drummer for
John Shelley and The Idols with members: John Shelley, Danny Jackson, Johnny Sorcevski, Robert Bell, Garry Merritt and Stu Humphries. The Fabulous Dodgey Bros.Hells Bells) with John Shelley, Bruce Gain, Brett Reid, Craig T Foster, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews and Trevor Dare. No More Crime with Paul Elliot and Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews. Dave Carter and Friends with Dave Carter, Bob Corbett and Paul Elliot.

From 1995 Chris Lowe drummed for the band
Yiante (pronounced Yun-Tay). Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocalist, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthew: bass, Craig Lancaster: drums, Tony Heaney: keyboards and Paul Elliot: guitar. David Carter later replaced Robert 'Bobby Sox' Mathhews on bass. Craig Lancaster left Yiante half an hour prior to a support for Merrill Bainbridge, speedily replaced on the day by Chris Lowe as drummer. The band changed members: Paul Elliot was replaced by Ngariki on guitar, Tony Heaney was replaced by Josh Callaway on keyboards and Steve 'Mac' Mclennan replaced Chris Lowe in 1997 on drums. (previously known as

Yiante has performed with Deborah Conway, Jenny Morris, Tall Tales and True, Silverchair, Merril Bainbridge, Armi, Loving Helena, Silent Scream, Maree Hawker, Boom Crash Opera and Steve Gibson. The album titled Yiante Bloodfire by Ian Sandercoe made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Eventually two songs Freebound and Preacher featured in the Australian film Bootmen.

Chris Lowe was a guest drummer with the band Extreme Blues. members included: Ngariki, Kim Pink, Kent Jackson and Danny Davidson. Guests & Replacements included: Glen 'Bang Bang' Hone, Bobby Sox, T.K., Bob Spencer, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve 'Duke' Earl aka 'The Earl', Peter Houlihan, , Craig Rosevear, Steve Fuller and George 'Chookie' Cotsioucos. Chris played in the band Finger Bun with Bob Corbett, Josh Callaway and Mick King. And Mother Popcorn with Bob Corbett, Dave Carter, Paul Elliot and Guy DeVille.

Chris Lowe continues to entertain crowds in bands throughout Newcastle.

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Chris Lowe Drummer
Band: Yiante 1995